We carry on the simple brilliance of lifelong wishes to help care for people in need - Michelle's Wish.

About Michelle...

Michelle suffered silently with a heart disease, called cardiomyopathy, which weakened her heart and later caused an arrhythmia, classified as ventricular tachycardia - an irregular and rapid heart beat initiated within the heart's ventricle. The fatal combination of these two heart conditions, ultimately, took her life. Michelle died in August, 2004 at the tender age of 33. Ironically, this weakened heart affliction would have no bearing on strength of the endless and effortless care and love Michelle - a dedicated wife, a loving and tireless mother of two young boys and a career-long nurse - would spread during her abbreviated life. In addition, the disease would have no bearing on her positive, active and relatively normal lifestyle, even while at great risk - many people close to her knew little about the severity of her condition. Michelle concerned herself deeply with so many people's problems. Whether pertaining to a suffering family member, or less-fortunate children who were cheated of a fair chance at a good life, Michelle would endlessly seek out ways in which she could help. Then, she went out of her way, often disrupting her own agenda, to accommodate others. Upon her death, sadly, humankind - the beneficiary of Michelle's "strong heart" - became cheated by its absence.

She had a way about her... a way about her immeasurable impact on so many, even upon first meeting; a way about her energetic approach to life; a way about her endless supply of maternal care and love for her (and all) children; a way about her perpetual intent to self-improve - despite virtual perfection. She will be missed by both those who knew her and, sadly, by many who didn't but undoubtedly would have felt her affect, if Michelle just had more time. Life can change so quickly. Live life like Michelle, as she'd insist we remember her love of life, family and children, her beauty (inside and out) and her effortless care for others.

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