Since 2004, we have provided financial support to medical research, assisted students through scholarships and garnered financial and community support to help numerous children and families in need - all through the Michelle's Wish Mission.

The Mission

The Michelle's Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization created to carry on the simple brilliance of lifelong wishes to help care for people in need - Michelle's Wish. Specifically, the Foundation, through various fundraising efforts, will seek to benefit worthy causes closest to Michelle's caring heart, including

  1. Children - through a children's wish program and a children's scholarship program specifically dedicated to giving a truly memorable experience/gift or scholarships to children either with life-threatening illnesses or without financial means;

  2. Education - through a scholarship program specifically dedicated to aiding aspiring nurses with a deeply compassionate interest In medical-related and bedside related care; and

  3. Medical research - through a heart disease research and education fund.

These causes are those about which Michelle Cirino-DiCillo showed deepest concern. She was a dedicated wife, a loving and tireless mother of two young boys and a career-long nurse who suffered silently with a heart disease, which ultimately took her life at the young age of 33.  

Every year, it never fails to tug at your heart...hard to see families and children in such need but very rewarding to know you’re assisting folks who really do need the help - families right in our own local community - and see our impact on them and the ‘ripple effect’ on others!
— Dan DiCillo - Cleveland, OH

What We've Achieved

  • Over 30 scholarships granted...

  • 3 "once-in-a-lifetime" wishes granted...

  • Over 485 families served...and counting...

  • Thousands of lives affected positively !